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Our association with the International Association of Law Schools (IALS):

In 2017, Symbiosis Law School, Pune hosted the IALS Global Law Deans Forum. The theme of this forum was the “continuation of IALS exploration of the principles and specific strategies on improving legal education globally”. At this forum of the IALS, Dr. Shashikala Gurpur, Dean - Faculty of Law, Symbiosis International (Deemed) University and Dr. Michael Peil Vice Dean of JSW Law School, Bhutan came up with the innovative idea of a transnational project to improve legal education by making use of the technological advancements. They were joined by Dr. Olive Sabiiti of Cavendish University Uganda, and Ms. Joan M. Betti of Hautes Etudes Appliques du Droit, France. Together the 4 Universities have kick-started the IALS Transnational Contract Law Project.

Video of Dr. Shashikala Gurpur

The project was conceived of during the 2017 Annual Meeting of the International Association of Law Schools (IALS) annual meeting in Pune, as a joint collaboration among the four participating law schools. It is intended to provide students with the opportunity to research and draft an original research paper on an important and timely topic of transnational and national contract law. It is also intended to give students experience in working on teams across national borders and utilizing internet and other modern technologies. The instructors believe that, in this modern and ever-changing world, these skills will become critically important for all lawyers.

- Dr. Michael Peil


  • To provide a unique teaching and learning opportunity across nations in legal education through technological advancement and go beyond local standards and resources.

  • To acquire and cascade knowledge, skills and values related to the legal profession through a transnational exchange of information, ideas and collaboration.

  • To promote international collaboration of law students and teachers using virtual mediums of communication.

  • To build professional competencies in the area of Comparative Contract Law


  • Knowledge: The student will know the

    • The core areas of Contract Law in different countries

    • The contextual underpinnings of the clauses and phrases used in drafting contracts (Domestically and globally).

  • Skills: The student should be proficient in:

    • Researching, reading and analysing legal materials

    • Problem solving, planning and strategizing how to comply with the good faith requirement of contract law.

    • Drafting a Contract and effectively communicating the details(orally and in writing) the within the legal context of different countries.

  • Values: The student should know and understand the need to act in accordance with:

    • The professional ethics of the various jurisdictions

    • The fundamental principles of justice and the rule of law.


December 2018- January 30, 2019 Organisation Phase
  • Skype Meetings between participants
  • Launching of the webpage
February 15- March 15, 2019 Teaching Phase
  • Online Lectures and Collaboration between students from the 4 Universities
March 15- April 15, 2019 Research Phase
  • Students are expected to Research on the problem provided and collaborate to come up with research papers.

Way forward

This project would open many avenues in the field of legal education. Some of the areas that we are expecting out of this project are:

  • Law Degrees
  • Masters / Diplomas
  • PhD / MPhil
  • Research
  • Consultation in Dispute resolution

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